All events will be held in room 201 of the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, 915 E. 60th St., Chicago, IL

4:00 – Opening remarks: Noa Steimatsky (University of Chicago, Associate Professor of Cinema and Media Studies)

4:15 – Film screening: Kodachrome Two-Color Test Shots, No. III (1922, 35mm print courtesy George Eastman House, 6 min.), with an introduction by Sabrina Negri (University of Chicago, Cinema and Media Studies); other titles TBA

5:00 – Keynote address: Edward Branigan (University of California-Santa Barbara, Professor Emeritus of Film and Media Studies), “Tracking Cinema’s Color”

6:15 – Reception

9:30 – Breakfast

10:00 – Panel 1: The Ends of the Rainbow
Chair: Solveig Nelson (University of Chicago, Art History)
Timothy Kaar (University of Chicago, MAPH), “Color Theory and Practice”
Matthew Hubbell (University of Chicago, Cinema and Media Studies), “Revolution in Black and White: The Zanzibar Films and the Style of ‘68”
Andrew Vielkind (Yale University, Film and Media Studies/History of Art), “Logophobia: Stan Brakhage’s Hand-Painted Films and the Phenomenology of Color”

11:15 – Break

11:45 – Panel 2: Color and (Hyper)realism
Chair: Tyler Schroeder (University of Chicago, Cinema and Media Studies)
Matt Von Vogt (University of Indiana-Bloomington, Communication and Culture), “Visualizing the ‘Total Filmmaker’: Jerry Lewis, Color, and Authorship against Classical Hollywood”
William Carroll (University of Chicago, Cinema and Media Studies), “The Status of Color in Suzuki Seijun’s Narration Style”
Mihaela Mihailova (Yale University, Film and Media Studies/Slavic Languages and Literatures), “‘Successful Lighting is Silent Lighting’: Pixar’s Quest for Live-Action Realism”

1:00 – Break

2:15 – Panel 3: Colors in Contrast
Chair: Noa Merkin (University of Chicago, Cinema and Media Studies)
Sean Strader (Yale University, Film and Media Studies/French), “Impactive Contrast: Early Color Design in Pathé’s Stencil-Colored Féerie and Trick Films”
Panpan Yang (New York University, Cinema Studies), “Color Competition: Re-imagining the Disney-Fleischer Relationship”
Booth Wilson (University of Wisconsin-Madison, Communication Arts), “Color Cinema’s Silver Age: Post-studio Lab Economics, Color Development Processes, and the Malleability of the Look”

3:30 – Break

4:00 – Panel 4: The Spectrum of Spectacle
Chair: Nova Smith (University of Chicago, Cinema and Media Studies)
Artemis Willis (University of Chicago, Cinema and Media Studies), “The Color Purple: Aesthetics, Eroticism and Spectacle in D.W. Griffith’s The Fall of Babylon
Olga Blackledge (University of Pittsburgh), “Color, Abstraction Logic and in Efim Pruzhanskii’s Alice in Wonderland (1981)”
James Rosenow (University of Chicago, Cinema and Media Studies), “Jack’s Black Square and Cross-Processed Dreams”

5:15 – Closing Remarks

5:30 – Reception


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